Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!
Jaxx Steele here again to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. I for one like Valentine’s Day. I have heard many reasons on how the holiday came to be. Some say the day is a conspiracy made by the candy company to suck money out of people. Other think its conception came about to honor a gruesome massacre that happened somewhere. How creepy is that?? I’m hoping that’s way too morbid to be actual fact. That you would buy gifts for your loved ones to remember a day where so many were killed? *shivers*

I don’t care where the idea came from, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some extremely busy guy was slacking on putting in the time needed to keep his lover happy invented it. Being the genius that he was, he came up with one special day that he could put on his calendar and have his secretary remind him to go big with the gifts. LOL 

I have written 3 Valentine Day inspired stories: A Year-long Valentine (inside Reflections of Love anthology available at Dreamspinners Press), Vegas Valentine (available at Muse it Hot) and Claiming Cupid.

Reflections of Love is an anthology that Dreamspinners Press put together. My story within is about a club owner who falls in love with a singer. He spends a year wooing him anonymously before he reveals himself.

Claiming Cupid is a story is about that forbidden love. You know the ones that are on the off limits list. The best friend, best friend’s sister, your play cousin, brother in all but blood, yeah, all of those people. They’re too close to being family, right? I wrote this book to show that sometimes what you want the most is right in your face, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get. You know, that whole trees for the forest thing. Here is a peek inside Claiming Cupid.

Daniel was sick and tired of Max’s ‘boyfriends’ dogging him. He thought Max deserved better and wanted him to be his man so he could treat him better, but he was afraid to jeopardize their friendship by making any unwanted moves on. When Max broke up with his latest lover the day before Valentine’s Day, Daniel could take it no more. He put a plan of action in place to claim and protect the heart of his old friend.

Vegas Valentine is the sequel to Hosting for the Holidays. This story really came about by accident. I had thought Hector and Chad’s story was done at New Years, but the promise Hector made to Chad wouldn’t shut Chad up in my head. Thus a sequel had to be done. *shaking my head* It’s a dang shame how these characters rum me sometimes.


Hector thought to combine his business trip to Las Vegas with celebrating Valentine's Day with Chad, thus keeping a previously made promise. Unfortunately, work prevails and Hector's well laid plans are demolished. Will he be able to turn things around and make Valentine's Day in Vegas a day neither of them will soon forget?

Jaxx Steele is out!

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