Monday, January 14, 2013

Cowboys and Pirates!

Hello followers of All Male Romance!
Jaxx Steele is here again to share my pirate book with you, A Day on Plunderer’s Pride. I have always loved pirates and cowboys. They are usually tough men hardened by their choices they’ve made in life. Cowboy law is simple and just. “Don’t fuck with mine and I won’t fuck with yours and if you do, I’m gonna kill you.” Simple and to the point. I love that. There are no misunderstandings when a man comes to you like that.  A pirate’s code however is a little different. If they want your shit they’re going to take unless you’re man enough to stop them. I like that too, though. LOL

It was time that I showed my love to these leather wearing and sea hardened men. My book Part of the Posse gives a behind the scenes look at cowboy life, the way I picture it, of course. I watched some really good cowboy movies to come up with terrain and mannerisms for my main character, Les Browning. A few of my favorite movies are Wyatt Earp, Unforgiven, Posse and Tombstone. 

I really like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. I pictured Les being like a younger him, but with same abrasive no-nonsense attitude about himself.

Les Browning traveled with his trusted group of men for years. As the company made a cattle run from Texas to Kansas Les met Colt, a young cook looking to find his way in the world. They hit it off immediately, but Les couldn’t get too close to Colt until the men in his party gave the okay for Colt to travel with them. Can Colt ultimately prove himself worthy to be a part of their clique so that he and Les could be together?

I had LL in mind when I did Plunderer’s Pride. Just picture LL with one of those sultry, deep, goose bump inspiring Jamaican accents.

Life is hard, but worthwhile on the pirate ship Plunderer's Pride. Follow Captain Julian Hazard and his band of ruffians as they go about their daily business. As you endure their daily struggles and nightly rewards you may find that a pirate's life may be for you, too.
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