Tuesday, January 25, 2011

J L Langley

Today I revisited an old favorite: Without Reservations by J L Langley.

It has been a number of years since I bought this book, and I have read it several times, but my enjoyment of the characters does not diminish. J L is a master at what she does. This was the first werewolf book I'd purchased and I did so in paperback because the description on Amazon was intriguing. (I mostly by eBook. Less cumbersome.) WELL WORTH THE $16.00 OR SO. I was sucked in from page one.

The characters of Chay and Keaton are very memorable. I love Keaton's pig-headed nature and the way Chay is just not going to take no for an answer (time and time again). There is also the way JL builds the anticipation of when these two will finally come together and work through their differences. You're dying for that second kiss and about on the edge just like they are until they "hook up". They want and need each other so bad it makes the readers mouth water.

And Without Reservations is just the beginning of it!!

WR introduces a guy named Remi. Remi is for all intensive purposes an ass. He's loud, obnoxious, judgmental, and doesn't treat Keaton very well at all. Leave it to JL to write the next novel about him: With Caution. THIS IS ANOTHER OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES!

With Caution is awesome. Remi MAY have been a jerk initially but you fall hard for him in this novel. You can't help it. He's been through a LOT of shit in his life. And at the end of the other novel (WR) you see that things are going to get harder for the poor guy. Namely, his mate is a man and Remi was less than accepting of Chay's new lifestyle choice. (Although the mate situation is not exactly a choice any wolf makes.) I love love love the way Remi and Jake interact. Jake KNOWS they are meant for eachother but trys hard to break it to Remi gently. But Remi is a hot headed guy.

Remi ALSO has an amazing younger brother that plays just as much a role in With Caution as Remi. The two of them are very strong parts of the other. With Caution is a MUST READ!!!!

the younger brother though has to be my favorite character. Sterling has more personality then most characters I have ever read.  I just love him! Funny, gutsy, energetic, this guy has everything. So it is no wonder that JL has a book thought out for him as well. Without Fear will be written eventually and for us die hard fans we will wait on the edge of our seats waiting.

JL will release her next book in this With or Without series in March. With Abandon is Matt's story. He was cute enough in WC and I will not mind at all taking a "Sterling detour" and reading about Matt first. I just love JL's werewolves!!!

So. That is all for now. I'll write again when the next muse hits me.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mark Alders

Mark alders is a very imaginative man. I am not sure how many of you have read his books but you should! You are in for a treat.

His creativity knows no bounds. From cock-docking to unicorn sex you never know what you will find. However, it is all erotic and all absorbingly entertaining!

I "met" Mark online years ago. He was virtually unknown then, trying his hand on a writer's website to test the waters of possibility. Would the world like his humor and his out-of-the-ordinary plot-lines? He needed to see what kind of reception he would get. From ME he got platitudes of praise. I'd never imagined the things he wrote about. He was fresh and new and different! He brought exciting new ideas to the written world. And eXtasy books saw a gold mine.

Since his very first debut novel Call of the Hunted in January 2009, Mark has had immense success. The Pembroke Eve Chronicles, a five book series, was my personal favorite so far. Mark has wonderful characters! This is what makes his books so appealing. The reader is sucked into the minds and lives of each and every character and never wants the story to end.

Today he has yet another new release. Waves of Infinity

I encourage you all to visit eXtasy books and grab a copy now! It is already at the top of the charts for sales! This is just how good Mark is! The book comes out and soars to the top! He is an outstanding author, humorous creator, and all around wonderful man.

Do yourself a favor and buy Waves of Infinity. An experimental spaceship. An accident. The adventure of a lifetime...


Monday, January 10, 2011

Andrew Grey


Back for a second blog. I am on a roll. a small kaiser roll maybe....


I recently read Love Means... No Fear by Andrew Grey. On goodreads.com I gave it 5 stars.

Andrew Grey is a phenomenal writer as well as a very sweet man. He has a lot of insight in his novels. I appreciate it. Fear is something so many people face. Of the 5 novels in this series I have a hard time picking a favorite. LM... No Shame, No Boundaries, No Fear are all special to me for different reasons.

No Shame puts out the question of having no shame in who you are and who you love. No Fear goes hand in hand with that; you should not be afraid of loving either. This is so hard for some to accept. (Sadly) Love is Love. I think Love is precious and very hard to find sometimes. If more people embraced love instead of acting out on hate this world would be a different place. Both of these stories are inspiring and beautifully written and I enjoyed every page.

LM... No Boundaries is a favorite for other reasons. Whereas I love the Robbie character, it is the WAY Andrew wrote this that got me. To me, the book was written without visuals. Robbie is blind. As I read No Boundaries I felt like I was not "seeing it" but "feeling" it. Andrew wrote this through a sense of blindness. I could be wrong. Maybe it was just me who felt this while reading it. No matter what, it will always be a special book in my mind because of his cleaver style.

Andrew is amazing.

Love Means... No Fear was wonderful and cute and sweet. I loved Jonah and his strong personality! So gutsy. He seized what he wanted. I need his fortitude at times.

All around this is a HUGE recommend to all who read m/m romance.




Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year

In thinking about all that has transpired in the past year, I have decided to blog. I tried last year but frankly, I rarely have anything interesting to say. I am, however, going to try to write something at least once a week. Perhaps these ramblings will end up being about the authors on this site? Perhaps they will be observances of mine? Time will tell. Check back often. Poke around the author pages.

Hugs to all and here is to a hopeful and bright new year!