Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Bonus by EM Lynley

Throughout the week, between regular posts, I'll be highlighting different authors I really like. 

This one is EM Lynley, and she has a new book out: A Christmas Bonus. 

 the publisher link, and I'm sure you will find it on all web sites were e-books are sold.

Here's the synopsis:

Alec Compton's dream job at a Wall Street investment firm is on the line if he can't close a make-or-break takeover deal by the end of the year.

The buyer is none other than world-renowned billionaire and corporate raider Brant Linton, recently named one of the hottest and most eligible gay businessmen. Electricity crackles at their first meeting, and Alec's thoughts drift far from business, despite his distaste for Brant's business practices.

When Brant takes off early to spend Christmas with his sister's family on the exclusive French Polynesian island of Taha'a, Alec has no choice but to follow if he wants to get Brant to sign on the dotted line. But Brant's sister has forbidden him from conducting business during the holidays and Alec must masquerade as Brant's boyfriend.

Then business turns into pleasure, but neither Brant nor Alec know whether the other is there for the deal, or for something more personal in EM Lynley's sizzling holiday novella A CHRISTMAS BONUS.

by Ryan Field

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dreaming of a H-O-T Christmas

Is your holiday season filled with snow?  Sun?  How about H-O-T men?
This time of year all I can think about is Christmas.  Presents, food, family.  All the traditions that make the season wonderful.   This is true whether I’m in the warm climate of paradise (where I live now) or the cold temperatures of the Lone Star state (where I’m from and where I’ll be heading soon).
Last year, I started a new tradition – participating in Silver Publishing’s 25 Days of Christmas.  Each day in December until Christmas, a new short story is released.
This year, I’m pretty sure my story puts me on Santa’s naughty list. 
My story is called SECRET SANTA and tells the story of Santa and a Marine!

Martin's gig accepting presents for the annual Marine gift-giving drive becomes less mundane when a new Santa arrives at the department store. This year, Martin will experience Christmas as he never has before--and find out if Santa is real.
To find out if he is, you can buy SECRET SANTA here: Buy Secret Santa HERE!

Not enough heat for Christmas?  Then try out the audio version of my Christmas story from last year! 
FOR THE LOVE OF SCROOGE is available here as an eBook and now as an audio book:  


I hope these stories will keep you warm for Christmas.  Cuddle up with my boys and enjoy! 

~Rebecca Leigh


Monday, December 5, 2011

How Can a Box and a Basket Screw Up the Entire Book?

I wish there were a way to scream "thank you" to my managing editor at Loveyoudivine.com, Dalia. Once again, she saved the day. I found an error before a THE COMPUTER TUTOR went to print and it really bothered me. This holiday novella/story is my first attempt at writing "new adult" fiction. It's a new genre you don't hear about often, and I'm liking the freedom it gives me. The release date is December 9th. Here's a link: http://www.loveyoudivine.com/index.php?main_page=document_product_info&cPath=3&products_id=898&zenid=1994737b4787575c9aacac5618988fd8

Last night, while going over the final draft of THE COMPUTER TUTOR, I discovered a mistake. It was just one word, and it could have been ignored, but I figured that if it bothered me it's going to bother other readers. And, this is what editing is all about.

The word was "basket." It needed to be changed to "box." If you look at the book cover for THE COMPUTER TUTOR, you'll see there is a "box" of puppies, not a "basket" of puppies. "Basket" was in the book, not "box." Both words would have worked within the context of the story. But it bothered me that the cover didn't go with the story. And I like the word "box" more than "basket," even though I originally wrote it as "basket." I think a guy would use a box faster than a basket.

So I e-mailed Dalia late last night and waited to hear if it could be fixed. I've seen this happen before with all publishers, even NY publishers, where the book cover doesn't always coincide with the story. It's not the biggest thing in the world, I wouldn't classify it as coverfail, but those little details can really freak me out. I also know they can freak readers out.

Thankfully, Dalia was able to change "basket" to "box" and all is well. The reason I didn't catch it sooner is because when you're in the editing process you're busy working on tightening sentences, revising paragraphs, and a multitude of things most people wouldn't even consider while they are reading a book. Most readers only care about the story and whether or not it appeals to them. But there is a lot of work that goes into the writing aspects, and even the slightest mistake can bother a writer for years. 
Ryan Field
Romance Author