Thursday, February 23, 2012

What G. A. Hauser has to say...

Reasons To Fight

In the news I heard something good for a change. Prop 8 in California was deemed unconstitutional. Good. That should settle it.
But no- it hasn't.
There are individuals who want to 'fight' this ruling.
Okay...inhale-exhale don't scream. I ask myself daily what are the reasons for their fight. Since I write about same sex love, the absurdity of this crusade against love and marriage has me more than puzzled. It has me furious.
When I look around the world via every media outlet you can imagine, I see so many wrongs that need to be righted. Serious problems that could really use some help. Being an animal advocate I would love to see the venomously rabid anti-gay marriage dipshits, go all out to save endangered species and habitat. Or how about being an activist for human rights in countries where people are being murdered by insane dictators. Or perhaps we should feed hungry children, give money to AIDS and cancer research, wave signs and banners to stop victims of domestic violence or gang violence.
Maybe the cash that continues to flow into the coffers of anti-same sex marriage funds could be better used to rebuild homes of disaster victims, aid the Red Cross or perhaps some of their effort and illogical screaming and stomping would be better served to help clean up the air, water, litter...good Lord, people- I would rather see them on the side of the road with litter bags picking up trash. At least that's productive and helpful.

These anti-marriage activists make the occupy anarchists seem intelligent by comparison. At least the anarchists don't want to restrict civil rights. Human rights. Basic rights.

Really? All that time, money and effort can't be better spent? All the energy and ranting about love and marriage can't be redirected to something that actually will improve the quality of life?

We must have a logical reason to fight. A reason that is not religion bound. Religion based decisions go against basic rights. Don't get me going on the religious extremists in this world. I'll become Lewis Black and my head would explode. But if you need to invent reasons that are purely self-serving in your pseudo-pious mind, invent reasons to give to people who are in need. To fight for animal rights, to clean up a community.
Stop wasting so much of everyone's time, resources and energy to restrict love.
You will not prevent people from loving each other, living together, or sharing their property with each other.
All you will do is show how ignorant and intolerant you are.

Get off the hate bandwagon and stop hiding behind religion for your rationality.
Let everyone have the right to be happy.
Talk about insane? Since when are straight people the role model for marriage? The irony there isn't lost on anyone. And now there's a fight for legalized polygamy?

You want to give me a reason to fight? Keep trying to stop love between two men or two women. That alone gives me reasons to fight.

Be safe out there.

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