Monday, January 30, 2012

An Anthology for Charity

Coming from the Empire Trust for Charities Worldwide, Five talented Empire Authors team up to weave together An Empire Of Broken Hearts, a masterpiece of short stories brought together in one anthology for charity.

Sharon Lea Ford brings us a tale of the Australian Outback, a young woman and a Jackeroo experience love and the trials of living the farm life. This story will tug at the heartstrings and give us pause to be grateful for what we possess.

G.B Hobson tells of the far-reaching repercussions of a woman's unrequited love. Two men forbidden by religion and culture to live in a loving relationship must decide if life is worth living halfway or if their love can cross all barriers.

Geoffrey Knight delivers a melancholy story turned sweet, woven around two young boys. Their lives lived in shades of grey until a chance encounter brings them together for one colorful day of fun, fascination, and what it is to first fall in love without even knowing what it means.

Savannah Chase shows us chance encounters between a woman and a man can create something truly special. Even if tragedy strikes it can leave behind the greatest miracle of all. There is nothing more powerful than the love between two people.

Justin James tells a traumatic story of being victimized. When inner strength fails, and the pieces of body, soul and spirit must be mended, an angel is needed. One random act of kindness brings together two people, allowing the healing process to begin and a new story to unfold.    purchase here

What is Empire Trust?

When Dare Empire eMedia Productions first decided to begin the project of compiling stories for an Anthology, the CEO and all the Authors involved decided that they wanted to give the proceeds from the Anthology to Charity.  They each chose a few Charities that were close to their hearts and from that list four Charities were chosen to participate, and receive the funds as donations.  Due to existing partnerships and the adult content of the catalogue which the Empire presently has, most of the chosen Charities were unable to participate in the project.  

So, the 'Empire Trust' was borne.  The Trust, which is an account maintained by the Empire, is where all the proceeds from the Anthology will be sent, and kept in trust.  

The first of the Empire's annual Anthologies will release in November 2011.  On the anniversary of the release date, all the accumulated funds from the sales of the Anthology over the year will be divided into six, six Authors/six Charities, and the funds will be dispersed in equal parts to these Charities across the world.
That is how the Empire Trust will operate, once a year the Trust will be emptied into however many Charities for however many Authors we have included in the Anthology in any given year. 

What Charities?

Our chosen Charities for 2011 Anthology Trust Funds

The Royal District Nurses Association

Save The Children

YEAH - Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS

National Breast Cancer Foundation

PLAN Canada

The Skin Cancer Foundation

An Empire Of Broken Hearts is an Anthology for Charities World-Wide. All proceeds from the sale of this title will go to the Empire Trust. For more information please visit

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