Thursday, October 13, 2011

Local Business

Howdy Y'all,

(lol... I am not from Texas)

As I was online today, Googling myself as any respected author should do, I noticed that my book was listed on! This is a huge thing to me! See, as I was trying to think of ways to advertise, the brilliant thought occurred to me that I should send postcards to bookstores across the country. Now, this COULD be seen as a waste of time when hard copy books seem to be less and less purchased in lieu of eBooks etc... BUT, I am an advocate for small business. I hope to see small bookstores survive to internet era. So, I searched for glbt friendly bookstores, made a list, and hand addressed a postcard of When Love Is Not Enough. I sent out 100. (I am not rich.) ONE of the bookstores on my list was Outward Books in Milwaukee. Why? I noticed that Andrew Grey did a book signing there and I thought, "AWESOME, I wish I could drive 15 hours over and have him sign something!" (This is sarcasm. I would not drive that far for anything. --I'd take a plane.) Anyway, since I did not want to seem like Andrew's stalker, I refrained from going.

It DID stick in my mind though, that bookstores were still out and about and needed support. Especially if authors as myself wish to sell books in them!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of AMAZON!!! I buy loads of things off there all the time. It is easy, and the products get delivered right to my door, no fuss no muss. But when I saw Outward Books had MY little ol' book on it's front page I was thrilled! No granted, if you buy from a bookstore, you have to pay shipping. At a book which costs $17.99 normally, add shipping, you are looking at $21.40 (if I estimate USPS correctly) This seems like a LOT!!! I know. On the other hand, if all we do is but from Amazon to avoid shipping costs, then the post office hikes their prices to contend with drop-offs in business, and the Mom & Pop stores fold. Small town bookstores need your business to survive.

I say this, and immediately think of BIG bookstores like Barns and Noble and Borders Books. These have takes huge hits. These places have money and resources beyond local shops, yet they have a hard time contending with, and allromancebooks. NOT that these places are bad! They sell my books and I am really, really glad! However, I wish to put it out there, that if you have a chance, and you don't mind letting go of an extra $3.41, then log onto outward books and shop there on occasion. Make the store owner glad he stuck by his guns during the internet fade of eBooks, and sold good-old-fashioned paperbacks!!

Nothing like the feel of pages between your fingertips!

I am listed here. If you were going to buy my novel in paperback anyway, I URGE you to visit and support small business instead of buying on AMAZON. Remember OUTWARD BOOKS needs your support!

That's all for now.
Thanks to Tristan and All Male Romance for allowing me to post this blog here. (it is the same as on my goodreads post!)


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