Monday, October 10, 2011

Joe Filippone

Hello all,

I have to admit that although Joe has LOADS of stories in anthologies all over the place, I have not read his stuff until now. WOW, is all I can say.

Real Boys Kiss Boys was a lovely surprise and an enjoyable experience to read. This is copied from my review on

This was really cute. As I started reading, I thought, "This is so funny." Joe has a lovely way with words and I felt comfortable reading about Mitch. His voice was familiar and friendly. I like how Joe brought out the surroundings as Mitch daydreamed and described his fears and anxiety. And then he met Luka. (I love that name, btw) It was a beautiful friendship. Sweet, casual, and endearing.

I found myself laughing, (almost) crying, and feeling sick on a few occasions as I read and felt their journey in high school, coming out for the first time and experiencing hate.

This was a wonderful story full of emotion. Thank you Joe for sharing this with us! I look forward to more of your novels!


I am not sure what more I can add to that as I am not the best reviewer :S I liked this book. It is not long (93 pages) but it gets the point across. It is a love story. It is sweet. And it is something I am thoroughly glad I read! I recommend this to any and all readers who want to experience that "first love in high school" feeling, especially if you want to see into the mind of a seventeen-year-old boy!

Congrats Joe! I hope you write more novels of this caliber ;)  


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