Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mark Alders

Mark alders is a very imaginative man. I am not sure how many of you have read his books but you should! You are in for a treat.

His creativity knows no bounds. From cock-docking to unicorn sex you never know what you will find. However, it is all erotic and all absorbingly entertaining!

I "met" Mark online years ago. He was virtually unknown then, trying his hand on a writer's website to test the waters of possibility. Would the world like his humor and his out-of-the-ordinary plot-lines? He needed to see what kind of reception he would get. From ME he got platitudes of praise. I'd never imagined the things he wrote about. He was fresh and new and different! He brought exciting new ideas to the written world. And eXtasy books saw a gold mine.

Since his very first debut novel Call of the Hunted in January 2009, Mark has had immense success. The Pembroke Eve Chronicles, a five book series, was my personal favorite so far. Mark has wonderful characters! This is what makes his books so appealing. The reader is sucked into the minds and lives of each and every character and never wants the story to end.

Today he has yet another new release. Waves of Infinity

I encourage you all to visit eXtasy books and grab a copy now! It is already at the top of the charts for sales! This is just how good Mark is! The book comes out and soars to the top! He is an outstanding author, humorous creator, and all around wonderful man.

Do yourself a favor and buy Waves of Infinity. An experimental spaceship. An accident. The adventure of a lifetime...



  1. Nicely written Tristan and so true. I always tell Mark he's the first and only author to get me to read science fiction. His books take you to another place and time and they're always interesting, scary and creepy, lol Congrats for all your success Mark and your continued success. So nice to have "met" you online. You rock...Leaundra

  2. Thank you for your comment Leaundra. (I'm sorry I haven't gotten back sooner.) So true about Mark! He is such an awesome writer. He could make me read anything. I has such a way with combining outrageous circumstance and orgasmic pleasure! LOL
    Glad to have you watching my blog!