Monday, January 10, 2011

Andrew Grey


Back for a second blog. I am on a roll. a small kaiser roll maybe....


I recently read Love Means... No Fear by Andrew Grey. On I gave it 5 stars.

Andrew Grey is a phenomenal writer as well as a very sweet man. He has a lot of insight in his novels. I appreciate it. Fear is something so many people face. Of the 5 novels in this series I have a hard time picking a favorite. LM... No Shame, No Boundaries, No Fear are all special to me for different reasons.

No Shame puts out the question of having no shame in who you are and who you love. No Fear goes hand in hand with that; you should not be afraid of loving either. This is so hard for some to accept. (Sadly) Love is Love. I think Love is precious and very hard to find sometimes. If more people embraced love instead of acting out on hate this world would be a different place. Both of these stories are inspiring and beautifully written and I enjoyed every page.

LM... No Boundaries is a favorite for other reasons. Whereas I love the Robbie character, it is the WAY Andrew wrote this that got me. To me, the book was written without visuals. Robbie is blind. As I read No Boundaries I felt like I was not "seeing it" but "feeling" it. Andrew wrote this through a sense of blindness. I could be wrong. Maybe it was just me who felt this while reading it. No matter what, it will always be a special book in my mind because of his cleaver style.

Andrew is amazing.

Love Means... No Fear was wonderful and cute and sweet. I loved Jonah and his strong personality! So gutsy. He seized what he wanted. I need his fortitude at times.

All around this is a HUGE recommend to all who read m/m romance.



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