Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Celestial Justice SERIES!!

The Celestial Justice series takes a slightly irreverent look at the way Heaven is managed. It contains celestial politics, (mis)management, and a lot of fun analysis of what justice of the celestial kind might look like. The series name, Celestial Justice, is a summary of the thought behind all the books: whatever happens to any of the angels, ex-angels or humans involved, in the end, justice will prevail.

I do realize that I am building a somewhat unorthodox world here. One where the similarities between Earthly issues and Heavenly problems are quite striking at times. While I am having fun playing with some of the concepts of what might constitute Heavenly rules and concepts, the message behind it all is one close to my heart: what has been happening on Earth in the last few centuries (or even longer than that) is not due to some Divine decision, it is something we have caused ourselves. And just like humans have free will, why shouldn't angels have the same right? And if they did, what would happen to the whole Earth - Heaven interaction?

So the 'celestial justice' in this series is not what people might expect. In a way, each book is a thought-experiment about a different aspect of being an angel and a new human problem. They range from fairly simple problems like being distracted on the job (see Araton's Destiny), to the more complex situation of what happens when an angel performs a miracle to help save human lives but wasn't authorized to do so (see Sachael's Test).

Here is a short overview over the series and the questions each book asks:

Araton's Destiny

What if you're a guardian angel and fail to do your job?

Zuriel's Fate
What if you’re a senior guardian angel on your way to a promotion and discover you don’t want to do your job the way your superiors tell you to do it?

Israfil's Future
What if you’re a police angel used to taking orders but suddenly find yourself facing a situation where you need to think for yourself?

Taharial's Struggle
What if you’re the angel of purification and you’re fed up with humans no longer agreeing on what type of rituals are required or which ones are right?  
Sachael's Test
What if you’re the angel of water and suddenly face more droughts and floods than even you can bring back into balance?

Mihael's Trial
What if you’re the angel of loyalty and have to choose between doing your job supporting the greater good and making a life with your newfound soul mate?

While the first two mini-trilogies have dealt with the dawning realization that Heaven needs to change if it wants to keep up with human evolution over the last few hundred years, the next mini-trilogy will start to focus on what happens now that the first 'angelic centers' have been established on Earth. Many questions remain, and I look forward to answering them all - with even more hopefully entertaining stories.


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