Friday, May 11, 2012

Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Our dear friend Mark Bowne was fond of that phrase!

Today Marks the two year anniversary of his death. It is a sad day because we are no longer able to talk to our friend and laugh with him and encourage each other with writing and LIFE in general. He was SUCH an inspiration! Mark was full of wisdom and encouragement and love.

So as we pause to say a pray of thanks that we had the privilege to know him-for a day, for a week, for a year, for a life-time-I ask that everyone, in honor of Mark, post pictures of cowboys! He would have loved that! Most of you post hot guys anyway. Today make it about COWBOYS for the author of cowboy romance! Mark Bowne.

In case any of you have not noticed, Mark's writing still survives on FICTION PRESS!
20 STORIES about spies, convicts, ghosts, miner 49ers, and YES cowboys are there for you to read. Take some time and remember an AUTHOR who never had the chance to be published because he left this life too soon.

Mark Bowne, we remember you!

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