Monday, December 12, 2011

Dreaming of a H-O-T Christmas

Is your holiday season filled with snow?  Sun?  How about H-O-T men?
This time of year all I can think about is Christmas.  Presents, food, family.  All the traditions that make the season wonderful.   This is true whether I’m in the warm climate of paradise (where I live now) or the cold temperatures of the Lone Star state (where I’m from and where I’ll be heading soon).
Last year, I started a new tradition – participating in Silver Publishing’s 25 Days of Christmas.  Each day in December until Christmas, a new short story is released.
This year, I’m pretty sure my story puts me on Santa’s naughty list. 
My story is called SECRET SANTA and tells the story of Santa and a Marine!

Martin's gig accepting presents for the annual Marine gift-giving drive becomes less mundane when a new Santa arrives at the department store. This year, Martin will experience Christmas as he never has before--and find out if Santa is real.
To find out if he is, you can buy SECRET SANTA here: Buy Secret Santa HERE!

Not enough heat for Christmas?  Then try out the audio version of my Christmas story from last year! 
FOR THE LOVE OF SCROOGE is available here as an eBook and now as an audio book:  


I hope these stories will keep you warm for Christmas.  Cuddle up with my boys and enjoy! 

~Rebecca Leigh


  1. What an awesome premise! I've always wondered about Santa. And you know? I've never taken a picture with him? Have an awesome holiday. Good luck with the story.

  2. Mahalo for stopping by Johnny! I bet Santa would love for you to sit on his lap -- especially my Santa!! Be sure to whisper what you want in his ear :) Happy holidays, my friend!

  3. Congrats, Rebecca. Looks the cover of Secret Santa!!

  4. Santa and a Marine! Oh, you ARE a naughty girl! But, I LOVE it!