Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hot Head by Damon Suede

I'm not sure that I can say anything different than all the other "review sites" and people who actually know what they are talking about, but here it goes...

I enjoyed reading Hot Head!  *so eloquent*

First of all, I bought the book because I read a review. >>AND because I met Damon at a book fair and think he is a wonderful guy! Cute, funny, & very intelligent, but that is beside the point<<

I read "Up front, this is one of the best M/M romance I have read lately, even more surprisingly since this a debut from Damon Suede. The author is not new to the M/M crowd and so maybe he socked up a lot of do and don’t about this genre, and he wonderfully displayed them in this novel....etc." by elisa ramblings. How can one NOT buy a book when a review starts off this way? I HAD to!

I started reading it as I normally do with casual interest and a la-la-la feel to the day. I wanted to relax and read something fun with firefighters. Not so with this book. I have read a fair amount of books where deep reading is not really needed. (Do you know those kind?) Some people write shallow. NOT that I am saying these authors can't write (they shall remain nameless), but rather the story doesn't take a lot of thought and can be read easily. Easy-breezy, and la-la-la under a tree in the shade. Well, I had to stop. (Hence why it looks on goodreads like I took forever to read it!) This was not a "breezy" book.

Unexpectedly I bought something that had depth and great detail. The characters had more to them than "My name is Griff" and I was forced to absorb every word. Damon pulled my attention to New York with all its surroundings. The people, the bars, the streets, and yes-9/11. His care about presenting the emotion and destruction of that disaster got to me. The description of the soot in Griff eyes and the impact of the air wooshing hard enough to through a man through plate-glass. It was gripping.

It also had the unexpected twist of a Russian guy running a *hmm-hmm* website...lol... I wasn't expecting that. It made me laugh but also had me drooling. Cleaver way to get the two characters naked though not the first time I read that type of scenario. (Str8t Boys also had a similar thing with photography.) I also liked the strong family characters who added more realism and depth to the main characters. Damon put thought into them and how their opinion and interaction would make Dante and Griff into two guys that could really live right down the block. (If I lived in NY, that is.) I took my time reading this so I could savor each chapter. I suggest you do the same!

I may not be the best reviewer, but for some reason you are here reading this post.. hehehhee :)

I read what I read, I like what I like, and don't really know how to say it otherwise.

I hope you enjoy reading HOT HEAD by Damon Suede as much as I did!

Ciao for now,

Tristan ;)

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