Monday, June 6, 2011

It’s Raining Men

Summer is my favorite time of the year (which is probably why I moved a couple years ago from the Lone Star State where about half the year is fairly warm to Paradise where it is a sweet mid-80s 365).  The best part of summer is not the hot temperatures, but the hot bodies.  On the beaches of Hawaii there are literally hundreds of half-naked, muscular males bodies spread across the sand or surfing a righteous wave. 
In fact, there’s so many, I sometimes think it’s raining men.
They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have a distinct resemblance to the jock you may have lusted after in high school – coming from the home of Friday Night Lights, mine were always football players.

Others come in the form of a military man with their high n tights and even tighter bottoms (they may not be astronauts exploring the far reaches of outer space, but there are many cuties in uniform inhabiting the various military bases).

From Hawaii Five-0 to undercover cops, there are men in blue (without the blue) taking a break from bringing down outlaws and exacting justice to bask in the sun.

I’ve even seen the bare-chested variety that resemble cowboys like those back home in Texas (although I admit I’m fairly sure there are no vampires).

Ahh, paradise. 
I’m sure you’ll find men just like these in your neck of the woods – but as for me, I’ll take mine in swim trunks with a side of suntan oil.  So take out your umbrella, enjoy the rain of men and your summer!

-- Rebecca Leigh


  1. Rebecca, I'll admit to being fairly new to the M/M line of erotic fiction. I like most of what I've read so far (with a few exceptions as you can imagine). But living as I do as a woman who could be a gay man given my extreme obsession with a perfect male form your book covers and this little post has been very enjoyable!
    keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Liz, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! And, welcome to he world of M/M -- sit back, enjoy, and stay a while!!

  3. Rebecca,

    Wow -- those covers are totally drool-worthy, and I enjoy reading your descriptions on all the men.

  4. Thank you, are too kind! I'm glad you stopped by!! My fav are the cowboys of course. And uniformed men. And, well, who am I kidding? All of them!