Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Where do you get yours?

I often think of the movie Finding Neverland. In that, the script has JM Barrie musing over things he notices and lines he hears. In one scene, the grandmother is scolding the children and in his mind he envisions a hook. So this mean grandmother's chastisement would become the basis for which he wrote a very memorable foe. (IF you take the movie for what it symbolizes.) JM was a writer that saw things, every thing, through a writer's eye.

Do you?

I think of so many things in my own life and how they can manifest through creativity and imagination. I could see writing a pirate with a hook from that very scene JM Barrie witnessed. It is different than writing a harsh grandmother. That would be too straight forward. A writer, a good writer, doesn't have to be direct. They take life as it comes to them and they can twist it into any shape imaginable. Especially the paranormal writers...

Ones like JL Langley. (Yes, I'm writing about her again)
I read With Abandon today. I loved it. completely loved it. She seems to get better with each passing book. I was originally saddened that she was writing about Matt. I, like so many other fans, longed to read about Sterling. (LOVE Sterling.) But this book blew me away. I think it is my favorite by far. The chemistry between Matt and Aubrey way breathtaking. I hated that the story ended. I wanted more pages. But, also true to JL, she wrote just enough. There were twists and turns and things going on I didn't expect and then the story came to a pleasant end. I don't know about you, but I HAVE read stories that didn't know WHEN to end. It is bad when the reader WANTS the story to end already!

With Abandon was awesome. Totally worth waiting for! and of course now I have to wait for Without Fear. (I hate waiting JL)

but during the wait... JL is an inspiration. Her language and description are so vivid. She is a master at her art and I hope we can all be inspired by her wonderful writing. She makes me think. She makes it so easy to SEE the story played out. Isn't that what writers want to give their readers?

My advise for the day... Go read With Abandon. You will thank me.

all for now. I know it is short :s



I also wrote on my goodreads page:
3720445 I think With Abandon may be may favorite m/m romance book. I'm not sure. I may have to read it again soon to decide. So hard to say for sure because it runs against some really awesome ones.Def in the top 5! So if I had to live on a deserted Island I would take...

With Abandon
Crossing Borders
Love Means... no Boundaries
Willow Bend
and.... ? Tin Star? With Caution ? Collision Course?

AHHHH! I can't decide.        

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